Barossa, Gawler & Northern Suburbs

Restaurants, Cellar Doors, Food Retailers and Pubs may have a break-down with their fridge or freezer one-day… Event food and beverage cooling might fail… Rest assured, we can have a mobile coolroom/freezer to you in two shakes of a lamb’s tail! Emergency Response Fee may apply.

So you slaughter your own livestock at your property?  We have a coolroom set up for ‘hanging and settling’ carcasses such a sheep, lambs, goats and pigs.  Keep your meat safe, chilled and owned!

Manufacturers, Retailers and Wineries often have the need to take a coolroom for one week or more many more for various reasons… we are happy to negotiate long term hire arrangements over 7 days.    

 …combined with a coolroom. Easy rollout and cooking for a large crowd with a large hotplate and adjacent coolroom fridge for keeping meat, supplies and drinks cold.   


Businesses That Could be Cooled