BBQ and Coolroom Combo

Oct 10, 2023

Introducing the newest addition to our fleet…. The ‘Tong Master’ – A Barbeque Coolroom Combo.

Get food to the masses quicker with our BBQ and Coolroom combo trailer.
No more quick dashes to a separate coolroom for more meat with a fridge right at the BBQ!

We know that space is precious when holding an event and that’s why our BBQ and Coolroom combo has everything you need for your next party all in one compact trailer.

Catering for a large crowd has never been easier with our large hotplate and coolroom perfect for keeping all your meat, supplies and drinks cold.


  • Events
  • Corporate catering
  • Club Finals
  • Fundraisers
  • Large Celebrations with family or friends

Be the master of your celebration and get food on the table for everyone at the same time!

No-one goes hangry when the Tong Master is cooking!


  • 8-Burner barbeque
  • 2 Gas Bottles
  • Large Steel Plate with high sides
  • Fat Channel and Funnel


  • 2 Door / Both Sides
  • Lean-In Coolroom
  • Sealed for use as an Ice Tub.