Mobile Butchery and Meat Hanging Coolroom

Oct 16, 2023
Justin McD

Now in our fleet of coolrooms is the ‘Killa‘… a dedicated mobile coolroom for hanging carcasses and storing freshly slaughted meat.

The Killa can be supplied with 3 meat hanging rails OR  2 rails with a rack of shelving.

With 3 rails, you can store and hang up to 15 lamb carcasses (average 22-25 kilograms each).

The Killa coolroom is perfect for the busy butcher needing more temporary storage capacity or the DIY home slaughterer who wishes to hang livestock for a few days ready for the cutting.

The Killa is thoroughly cleaned and sanitised after every hire.

The hire price for the Killa is the same as our other walk-in coolrooms however a cleaning fee is applicable for livestock and raw meat usage.

We welcome your enquiry to hire the Killa Coolroom for your next meat processing day!